The edgePMU

The edgePMU developed in the project, represents the implementation of a novel and more flexible concept for a Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU), which is normally used in the distribution grid. The main concept consists of the separation of the acquisition and signal conditioning which is performed at the device level, and the calculation of the phasor, which is performed in the cloud, possibly placed in the 5G edge cloud infrastructure. This approach offers the possibility to perform additional calculations on the raw data obtained from the devices installed in the field, by simply updating the algorithm used in the cloud. The edgePMU devices have been installed in both the Italian and SWW field trials to provide information on the status of the grid and to provide voltage phasor data to the voltage control algorithms.

Additionally, the edgePMU was assessed by the JRC’s Market Creation Potential indicator framework as having a “Noteworthy” level of Market Creation Potential.

The edgePMU will be further developed and implemented in collaboration with the Taiwan grid operator as planned RWTH exploitation and further development of the project results.