Advisory Board

Members of the Advisory Board

Dr. Werner Friedl

Head of the research field"Integrated Energy Systems"

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology


Dr Davide Della Giustina

Head of Networks and Systems Operations

Mr Andreas Kiessling


energy design & management consulting

Dr. Ralf Levacher


Stadtwerke Saarlouis GmbH

Prof. Mario Paolone

Chair of the Distributed Electrical Systems laboratory and Head of the Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research (SCCER) FURIES (Future Swiss Electrical infrastructure).

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Mr Marcus Törnqvist

Accountable Manager and Business Developer in ICT


Shuli Goodman

Executive Director

LG Energy, USU

Ondřej Černý

Senior Projects Offiver

E.DSO, Belgium

Professor Christine Schwägerl

Augsburg University, Germany