1st Advisory Board Meeting

First successful and enriching Advisory Board meeting

On January 21, 2021, we organized the first meeting with the Advisory board in the online environment, which was attended by all 6 AB members, asking several questions related to both the implementation plan and the steps taken, with a series of preliminary suggestions. The focus of the discussions was on the way of organizing the activity in edgeFLEX, the overall architecture issues, specifically pointing out the following:

  • If we have considered and how we follow the cyber security aspects.
  • The role of the network operator and where are the expected DSO or Transmission System Operator (TSO) interaction and boundaries between them within edgeFLEX context.
  • Clarifications on edgePMU functionalities at lower voltage levels.
  • Why not to consider active power from batteries to avoid congestions within our research work.
  • Why 5G when 4G latency may be good enough.
  • If the data flow for each of the presented scenarios (for centralized and decentralized services) was or may be properly estimated.
  • Clarifications on the use of term “services” within edgeFLEX: one as an ancillary service and two as “function offered as a service”.
  • The importance of regulations and how we manage the analysis of relevant aspects from this perspective both in terms of national specificity, but also how we ensure communication and exchange of ideas with relevant organizations at European level to have an impact.

The questions were especially oriented towards understanding the context of project implementation, and the way of organizing and the actions taken so far were appreciated and validated by the AB members.

AGENDA 1st Advisory Board meeting

Focus on Phase 1 (Year 1)

10:00-10:00  Introduction to the agenda, team and meeting objectives, Dr. Fiona Williams, EDD

10:10- 10:45   Project overview, Prof. A. Monti, RWTH

10:45 – 11:30  Overview of the services, Gianluca Lipari, RWTH and   Federico Milano, UCD

11:30 – 11:45 Coffee break

11:45 – 12:00 RES investment incentives after subsidies,  Gerhard Meindl, SWW

12:00 – 12:45 Lunch break with videos showing from 12:30 onwards

Focus on Phase 2 (Year 2 and 3)

12:45 – 13.05 edgeFLEX Platform, brokerage solution & Field trial   plans, David Ryan, WIT

13.05 – 13.40 edgeFLEX outreach to prepare the path for new VPP role

                      Regulatory support & business models, Mihai Mladin, CRE

                      Dissemination actions, Anna Maaß, BAUM

13.40 – 14.00 Feedback and discussion with the Advisory Board.

14.00             Close of meeting