A Geometrical Interpretation of Frequency
Federico Milano

A Method for Evaluating Frequency Regulation in an Electrical Grid - Part I: Theory
F. Milano, Á. Ortega

A Method for Evaluating Frequency Regulation in an Electrical Grid - Part II: Applications to Non-Synchronous Devices
Á. Ortega, F. Milano

Aggregated Model of Virtual Power Plants for Frequency and Voltage Stability Analysis
J. Chen, M. Liu, F. Milano

Analysis of a Multi-Timescale Framework for the Voltage Control of Active Distribution Grids
Edoardo De Din, Fabian Bigalke, Marco Pau, Ferdinanda Ponci, Antonello Monti, RWTH Aachen

Applications of the Frenet Frame to Electric Circuits
F. Milano, G. Tzounas, I. Dassios, T. Kërçi

Closed-Form Expressions to Estimate the Mean and Variance of the Total Vector Error
Alessandro Mingotti, Federica Costa, Lorenzo Peretto, Roberto Tinarelli

Comparison of Numerical Methods and Open-Source Libraries for Eigenvalue Analysis of Large-Scale Power Systems
Georgios Tzounas, Ioannis Dassios, Muyang Liu, Federico Milano

Complex Frequency
Federico Milano

Sebastian Schwarz, Antonello Monti

Coordinated Control of Virtual Power Plants to improve Power System Short-Term Dynamics
W. Zhong, J. Chen, M. Liu, M. A. A. Murad

Co-ordinated grid forming control of AC-side-connected energy storage systems for converter-interfaced generation
Junru Chen, Muyang Liu, Renqi Guo, Nan Zhao, Federico Milano, Terence O'Donnell

Decentralized Charging of Plug-in Electric Vehicles and Impact on Transmission System Dynamics
M. Moschella, M. A. Adib Murad, E. Crisostomi, F. Milano

Edoardo De Din, Martina Josevsk, Marco Pau, Ferdinanda Ponci, Antonello Monti

Estimation of Voltage Dependent Load Models through Power and Frequency Measurements
Á. Ortega, F. Milano

G. Tzounas, I. Dassios and F. Milano

Heterogeneous Inertia Estimation for Power Systems with High Penetration of Converter-Interfaced Generation
Diala Nouti, Ferdinanda Ponci, Antonello Monti

Impact of the Aggregate Response of Distributed Energy Resources on Power System Dynamics
T. Kërçi, M. T. Devine, M. A. A. Murad, F. Milano

Impact of Current Transients on the Synchronization Stability Assessment of Grid-Feeding Converters
Junru Chen, Muyang Liu, Terence O'Donnell, Federico Milano

Impact of smart transformer voltage and frequency support in a high renewable penetration system
Junru Chen, Muyang Liu, Giovanni De Carne, Rongwu Zhu, Marco Liserre, Federico Milano, Terence O'Donnell

Pau, Marco, De Din, Edoardo, Ponci, Ferdinanda, Pegoraro, Paolo Attilio, Sulis, Sara, Muscas, Carlo

Impact of Virtual Power Plants on Power System Short-Term Transient Response
W. Zhong, M. A. A. Murad, M. Liu, F. Milano

Darren Leniston, David Ryan, Clem Power, Paul Hayes, Steven Davy
Weilin Zhong, Georgios Tzounas, Federico Milano

Improving the Frequency Response of DERs through Voltage Feedback
G. Tzounas, F. Milano

Low-Impact Current-Based Distributed Monitoring System for Medium Voltage Networks
Alessandro Mingotti, Lorenzo Peretto, Roberto Tinarelli

Modelling of Smart Transformers for Power System Transient Stability Analysis
Junru Chen, Muyang Liu, Terence OrDonnell, Federico Milano

Bi Liu, Junbo Zhao, Qi Huang, Federico Milano, Yingchen Zhang, Weihao Hu

On-line Inertia Estimation for Synchronous and Non-synchronous Devices
M. Liu, J. Chen, F. Milano

Weilin Zhong, Georgios Tzounas, Muyang Liu, Federico Milano

On the Impact of Topology on the Primary Frequency Control of Virtual Power Plants
W. Zhong, T. Kerci, F.Milano

On the Importance of Characterizing Virtual PMUs for Hardware-in-the-Loop and Digital Twin Applications
Alessandro Mingotti, Federica Costa, Diego Cavaliere, Lorenzo Peretto, Roberto Tinarelli

On the Synchronization Stability of Converters connected to Weak Resistive Grids
J. Chen, M. Liu, T. O'Donnell, F. Milano

PMU-Based Estimation of Inertia Variation: Proposed Metric (will be published end of 2023)
Lorenzo Peretto, Federica Costa, Guglielmo Frigo
Georgios Tzounas, Ioannis Dassios, Federico Milano
Georgios Tzounas, Ioannis Dassios, Federico Milano

Special Issue: Data-driven solutions for smart grids
Federico Milano (Editor)

Optimal Balancing of Wind Parks with Virtual Power Plants
Vadim Omelčenko, Valery Manokhin

Supporting Regulatory Measures in the Context of Big Data Applications for Smart Grids
Mihai A. Mladin

Source Location of Forced Oscillations based on Frequency Measurements
Á. Ortega, F. Milano

Federico Milano
Federico Milano, Georgios Tzounas; Ioannis Dassios; Mohammed Ahsan Adib Murad; Taulant Kerci
Weilin Zhong, Federico Milano, Georgios Tzounas